Welcome to the resource section for Music For Cinema. M4C is a course redesigned and taught by Kerry Kelekovich for Columbia College Chicago/School of Media Art's re-branded Cinema and Television Arts Department.

As a veteran of both the music and film industries, Kerry served as Columbia's recording engineer in the

Film & Video Department (now Cinema And Television Arts) for most of the 1980s, while maintaining a

dual-career as a multi-instrumental composer.

Kerry's music and post-production audio courses are offered as part of the CTVA's Post concentration.

Current postings concerning copyright, production, student job prospects, and other topics important to emerging filmmakers, bands, composers and supervisors can be found at the M4C Facebook page.

Targeting the needs and considerations of indie creatives, M4C looks at the voicing possibilities facing artists today, the conundrums of copyright magnified by advancing technologies, and the strangling of creativity caused by our obsolete laws.​ Musical texture, density, genre, production, supervision, licensing, and spotting concerns are discussed while fostering a practical and economical DIY approach for directors and producers.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of copyright and technology, no information presented here is to be considered as fact or law. ALWAYS consult with an attorney for legal and professional matters concerning your art and publishing.

Kerry made his professional debut with Taylor Bridge at Kingston Mines in Chicago, opening for Blues-great Lefty Dizz. This began a career devoted to the fusion of audio, music, and art. In his quest to become a recording engineer, he studied with world-renowned, acoustics-researcher, Dr. Thomas Rossing, and the celebrated, Chess Records recording engineer, Malcolm Chisholm and created a resume spanning a broad range of artists and clients.

While serving as an audio specialist, Kerry's experience included mixing duties at many of Chicago's legendary music venues as well as North American concert halls from Montreal to Los Angeles. With a catalogue extending to singer-songwriters, bands, and filmmakers, he also maintains music archive Lilypad Records, while sporadically releasing the works of emerging bands, songwriters, and composers.

​Polishing Perfection Since The Dawn Of Digital​​​​